Comcast Data Center

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The 12,000 square foot building was a CMU block shell that in 5 months' time constructed a state of the art data center. This was a very fast track schedule that included the following scope of work that we handled as a complete turnkey project.

  • New Water mains for the sprinkler system and potable water
  • New roof overlay
  • 2 1 meg generators
  • 2400amp 480V service
  • 2 500kva UPS systems
  • 1 2000 amp DC power Plant to include 3 strings of batteries
  • 3 tier system of Ladder racking throughout the data center
  • Installation of raised floor
  • Fire Alarm systems for the building to include sprinklers, FM200 for the data center, and above ceiling and below floor detection
  • CATV system
  • Card access system
  • Installation of 90 Afco cabinets
  • All the required cabling for the equipment to include copper and Fiber
  • The HVAC system included three CRAC units rated at 40 tons of cooling for the data center, two 5 ton units for the electric room, two split units for the warehouse and TOC, and a makeup air unit for the data center

Other aspects of this project included heavy excavation, concrete work, steel dunnage and fabrication, rigging, framing, drywall, painting, suspended ceilings, and a complete epoxy floor overlay.

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